Notes (注記)

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典型的な文書の終わりの注は “Note in Proof” です。これは、文書が組版されている間に作成された最新のニュース項目やその他の資料が含まれているため、作業中のテキストに含めるには遅すぎます。これは一般に査読されたコンテンツではなく、そのようなコンテンツ内の他の資料への参照は、通常、文献書誌リスト <ref-list> には記載されず、本文中または最後の段落に記載されます。
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用例 1

<article dtd-version="1.1">
<title>Note Added in Proof</title>
<p>Similar sequence information has been obtained in another study (S. Mishiro,
personal communication) and has been deposited under GenBank accession numbers
&#x2013;. For the purposes of HBV nomenclature, we have proposed that the
chimpanzee HBV be abbreviated as ChHBV.</p>

用例 2

<notes notes-type="disclaimer">
<p><italic>The information and/or opinions expressed in this 
Guest Editorial are those of the author(s). They are neither 
endorsed nor disputed by <roman>Prescribing Physician</roman> 
or the Pharma-Physician Coalition. Questions about or comments 
on this editorial&rsquo;s content should be directed to the 
corresponding author.</italic></p>

用例 3

<notes notes-type="dedication">
<p>We dedicate this paper to our professor, Dr. Robert 
Jemmings, whose critique of the underlying study identified 
potential bias in the analysis and strengthened our 

用例 4

<notes notes-type="editor-note">
<p><sc>EDITOR&rsquo;S NOTE:</sc>  The study examined in 
this article was neither blinded nor placebo-controlled.  
More recent studies suggest that traditional medications 
when compared with placebos do decrease symptoms of this 
condition. Further research is needed to ascertain the 
efficacy of such medications; until research is conducted, 
traditional medications may be an effectual treatment.</p>

用例 5

<notes notes-type="after-epub">
<p>After publication, the authors discovered an error in 
the text concerning the administration of the medication 
levothyroxine.  The text reads:  &ldquo;Individuals 
prescribed the thyroid hormone, levothyroxine, should 
eat within thirty minutes of taking the medication.&rdquo;  
The text should read: &ldquo;Individuals prescribed the 
thyroid hormone, levothyroxine, should <italic>not</italic> 
eat within thirty minutes of taking the medication.&rdquo;</p>