Paragraph (段落)



この要素は、高等学校の英語授業で定義されているような形式の整った段落、つまり、1 つのアイデアを表すテキストのブロックで、表記上となりのブロックと区別されるもの、である必要はありません。むしろ、要素 <p> は、ブロック (インラインではない) 構造単位で、長さはほんの数ワードでもかまいません。



<!ELEMENT  p            (#PCDATA %p-elements;)*                      >


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用例 1

<article dtd-version="1.1">
<sec sec-type="intro">
<p>Geriatric day hospitals developed rapidly in the United Kingdom in the 1960s
as an important component of care provision. The model has since been widely
applied in several Western countries. Day hospitals provide multidisciplinary
assessment and rehabilitation in an outpatient setting and have a pivotal
position between hospital and home based services. Although there is
considerable descriptive literature on day hospital care,<xref ref-type="bibr"
rid="B1">1</xref> concern has been expressed that evidence for effectiveness is
equivocal and that day hospital care is expensive.<xref ref-type="bibr"
rid="B2">2</xref> We therefore undertook a systematic review of the randomised
trials of day hospital care.</p>
<sec sec-type="methods">
<p>The primary question addressed was ...</p>
<title>Inclusion criteria</title>
<p>We set out to identify all ...</p>
<title>Search strategy</title>
<p>We searched for ...</p>

用例 2

<p content-type="disclaimer"><italic>The information
and/or opinions expressed in this Guest Editorial are
those of the author(s). They are neither endorsed nor
disputed by <roman>Prescribing Physician</roman> or
the Pharma-Physician Coalition.  Questions about or
comments on this editorial&rsquo;s content should be
directed to the corresponding author.</italic></p>

用例 3

@content-type 属性により段落のセマンティックスや役割を同定できる:
<p content-type="lead-paragraph">In the field of 
<named-content content-type="sem:AIPTh1.2" rid="kwd1.10">complex 
systems</named-content> study, new measurement and computational 
resources have lead to increased interest ...</p>